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Another year!


Getting back!!

imageThe last year was very busy for me. My mother got ill, thank God  she is getting better, so sewing time was at a premium. I made a pair of slacks, silk dress and a skirt. I will take some pictures latter and post. Mainly I have been in scrubs. I didn’t break my fast, so I am quickly running out of things to wear. I am hopefully going to join the 2015 fast and get something done.


Sewing keeps me sane

Ready to start sewing!

New year has arrived and I have joined the group of no RTW for one year! That means that I must make my clothing and not purchase any new things for one year! Those of you who know me already know that I HATE shopping! My favorite stores are Trader Joes and Home Depot! I do have a stash of material from when my daughter was young and I sewed for her. I like to knit so I have a stash as well.Image

My sewing room is a little cluttered but I have everything I need including a TV to watch the football games 😉


I also have a few cats keeping me company!



I am working on a straight skirt and as you can see a muslin of a blouse, that will hopefully turn into a nice blouse that fits perfect!